“Our goal is to help families create generational wealth through legal tax loopholes and passive real estate investing”

This podcast shows you how to build a solid financial future through passive real estate investing, without all the egos and overnight successes that have flooded the market. Nate and Steve will be pulling back the curtain and shedding light on topics using their more than 45 years of combined real estate investing experience.

Want to Save 25% More on Taxes This Year? Discover How!

Want to know the secrets to making more money from your rentals?

Want to Know How Real Estate Outperforms Stocks and Crypto?

Retire Faster and Spend More Time with Your Family? Trim 10-15 Years from Your Retirement Timeline.

Top 3 Questions you must ask before getting involved in a passive multi-family deal

Can You Differentiate a Good Syndicator from a Bad One?

Over 300 interview with entrepreneurs who have built 7-figure businesses and beyond.

Are you a coach, author, or influencer driven to make a difference and change the world? This podcast is for you. Both long-form interviews and powerful quick takes providing you with the tools to help you on your mission to grow your Impact Income and Influence.

Chris Eymann: Unlock wealth with Real Estate Wholesaling

Jason Fladlien: Unravel the secrets of selling to millions.

Sarry Ibrahim: Mastering Financial Freedom by Thinking Like a Banker

Mynders Glover: Overcoming Real Estate Challenges & Launching Successful Products | Steve Werner

2 Essential Tips for New Real Estate Investors

Jimmy Coleman: Mastering LinkedIn Strategies for Growing Your Income, Impact, & Influence

What Home Invest Can Do For You

Lower or eliminate your tax bill

Move a low performing IRA or 401(k) into a real estate investment paying up to 16% IRR

Provide you with a 3 to 5 year passive real estate investment offering up to a 1.8x multiple

1031 exchanges into solid performing assets

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Our Unwavering Focus Lies In Empowering You To Create A Passive Income Stream While Safeguarding Against Inflation Impact.

Our Goal Is Simple: To Assist You In Investing Securely In Real Estate, Guiding You Every Step Of The Way.