What I Do:

Conversion Audit

Looking to get more sales conversions out of your webinar? This is a video review of your webinar where I look at 108 different conversion components in real-time.

Demo of a Live Pitch Audit:

Here you can see how powerful this at getting you more conversions.

Complete Built From Scratch Webinar

I will take you by the hand and build out your webinar, webinar funnel, and follow-up with you.

Everything You Need For A Great Webinar That Converts

This is a custom one on one program that includes:

  • Custom-built deck branded to your business
  • Nlp speaker training to get more sales.
  • Building your stories that sell, and helping you place them in the right place in the webinar.
  • Building your irresistible offer – this includes market research
  • Video reviews of the webinar sections to ensure maximum conversion.
  • A high converting webinar funnel built for your business
  • A follow-up sequence that raises conversion by more than 50%

Other Services Offered: