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“If you have tried to sit through a webinar lately, you know how bad it has gotten…


… most webinars are absolute snooze-fests.

Do you want to discover how to avoid putting people to sleep and maximize conversion? 

Learn the five keys to conversion I uncovered through 100s of hours analyzing more than 200 presentations below.

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Grab your free copy of “Death To Bad Webinars” below.  

I’m Steve Werner and I am here to help you build (or fix) your webinar so that you have a powerful, engaging presentation that is a money-making machine for your business.

8 years ago I left my corporate job to change lives through live events and public speaking.

Since then I have:

  • Held 63 sold-out events for myself and clients
  • Built and critiqued more than 278 different presentations
  • Spoken on more than 250 live and virtual stages on marketing, influence, and conversion.

If you have bought webinar templates and other people’s scripts but haven’t been able to make them work for you…

If you have been struggling to build your presentation, stuck on how to structure the perfect deck, or frustrated with tech issues…

If you have a webinar, but no one is buying

I can help.

I understand that every presentation is unique, so I work with each client 1 on 1 to ensure that the webinar suits your brand, attracts your perfect customer, and closes the sale.

How I Can Help

Running A Webinar, But Its Not Converting The Way You Want?

I will breakdown your webinar line by line, slide by slide, and give you feedback to get it converting.  I will show you exactly what to fix, and how to fix it. 

Comes with a Double your money back guarantee. 

Do You Want Me To Help You Build Your Webinar From Scratch?

Every business is unique, and with this program, I will take you by the hand and build your webinar with you.  This includes the presentation script, the deck, delivery coaching, the front end funnel, the lead magnet, the ads, and email sequences. 

The whole enchilada built from scratch for your business.

What’s Working Right Now

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What Are the 5 Biggest Factors In Webinar Conversion?

I have spent 100s of hours breaking down and dissecting presentations.  This article shows you the top 5 things that I have found that lead to conversion.

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How Do You Get People To Stick Around For Your Offer?

This article shows you what I feel is the biggest secret when it comes to webinars.  Getting someone to attend your webinar is half the battle, getting them to stay for the offer is the 2nd big thing. 

I’ll show what I look at (and fix) when a client has a attendees fall off before the offer.

Increase Webinar Revenue With Your Funnel and Follow-up

How Do You Raise Your Sales Outside of Your Presentation?

Your front end funnel is what gets people to your webinar.  If the landing page is converting at below 50%, you are leaving $$$$ on the table.  Additionally, in a great webinar funnel, more than 50% of sales come after the webinar.  

This article fills you in on the “how to” for these important, but often overlooked pieces of the webinar.

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