A top 1# podcast showcasing the journeys of successful entrepreneurs with 100s of downloads per episode.

“Being on Steve’s Podcast was the highlight of my day!

I was doing a lot of interviews for a book launch, and was tired of the treadmill. Then I was on Steve’s Podcast. It was a breath of fresh air that allowed listeners to see the real me… More shows need to be like this!”

Monica Parkin – Author and Keynote Speaker

My name is Steve Werner, and I host a top 1% podcast with hundreds of downloads per episode that has been called “the funnest podcast ever” by some of my guests.

The point of the podcast is to highlight you and what you do – how you overcame challenges and found success; and how you earned and learned your craft…

…and show listeners how they can use it to grow their business.

We don’t charge to be on the podcast, all we ask is that you give value and share the episode when it comes out.

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