From 2012 to 2020, Steve dedicated his time to working on thrilling live events that captivated audiences. But as the demand for his expertise in the real estate industry grew, Steve couldn’t ignore the opportunity that presented itself.

After years of collaborating with Nate Armstrong, the dynamic duo made the bold decision to join forces and merge their talents in Home Invest, a powerhouse in the real estate world.

With Steve’s passion for live events and Nate’s proven track record in real estate, Home Invest is poised to revolutionize the industry.

More than 10 years ago, Steve left his corporate job to change lives through live events and public speaking.

Since then he has:

  • Held more than 63 sold-out events for myself and clients
  • Built and critiqued more than 278 different presentations
  • Spoken on more than 250 live and virtual stages on marketing, influence, and conversion.

If you have bought webinar templates and other people’s scripts but haven’t been able to make them work for you…

If you have been struggling to build your presentationstuck on how to structure the perfect deck, or frustrated with tech issues…

If you have a webinarbut no one is buying

This can help.

What Other Successful People Are Saying About Working With Steve

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