How To Build Your Webinar Funnel And Follow-up

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Steve Werner

Steve Werner

Keynote Speaker, Author, 170+ Monetization, Conversion, and One to Many Sales Presentations Worldwide.

When you spend a lot of time and resources on your webinar—you want to make sure it sells.  This post will show you how to build your webinar funnel and follow-up to make more sales.

In today’s climate, most webinars have a 20% or lower show-up rate, which means you get even less people sticking around by the time you get to your pitch. There are many ways you can improve that, and that has to do with your indoctrination sequence, your landing page, your marketing.

But given the reality of today’s environment, how do you get the most sales out of your webinar? 

The answer is a good Webinar Funnel that turns following-up into an art form.

In this blog post I will share with you a system that will maximize your webinar through a 9-Step Webinar Funnel and follow-up to get more dollars in your bottom-line.

This 9-Step Webinar Funnel and Follow-up will help you:

  • Get people curious about what you have to offer
  • Make sure you stay top-of-mind
  • Build relationships with your leads—after all, relationships sell
  • Establish you as their go-to expert
  • Convert hot leads into revenue

Let’s jump into it.

9-Step Webinar Funnel and Follow-up

Entertain webinar follow-up questions, host a Q&A right after

People who stay until the end of your webinar are likely warmer leads and hot buyers. Let them ask follow-up questions or always have a Question & Answer portion at the end of your webinar.

Having a Q&A is extremely helpful because then and there you get to know their hesitations, their gray areas, their doubts—and you can overcome their objections. This is critical— don’t let them leave unsure. If they leave confident about your expertise and your product, they are likelier to convert down the road. If you can kill more question marks before they become a barrier to your sale, all the better.

This also gives you a better chance of showing more of your personality and transfer your enthusiasm for what you are selling to the audience. 

Make sure you have an E-mail Sequence in place for your funnel and follow up.

You only have to set them up once, and they give you more time on your hands after. Think about what emails you’d like sent to a specific segment in your mailing list (a) at specific time intervals, or (b) when they do a specific action- like after attending your webinar. 

You need to have an 8-step e-mail sequence that they would want to read. Be creative. Send them highlights of your webinar (don’t just leave them with a link back to the webinar), include a transcript. Summarize, break down bullet points, make it easy for them to remember your insights and key takeaways. Give them action points to help them get to their goal. Share testimonials. 

The world is going mobile and this is an important aspect of your webinar funnel. So whatever email you send them, make sure they are bite-sized. People will likely view your email through their mobile phones.

This is a critical part of your webinar funnel because once you set-up a good e-mail sequence, it will keep doing your work for you. 

Send them a text message

If you get their numbers from your webinars, send them a message. Pay attention to them. Drive them back to you— to your content, to your webinar, to your email, to your website. Sending them a message will let them know they are important to you, and this will help you stay top of mind.

Make your touch point personal with Voice Mail drops.

This another thing you can add to your webinar funnel. There are systems out there that will allow you to drop Voice Mail to anyone who gives you their number. You can leave a Voice Mail that will convey your message in your tone and leave no room for guessing. They’re going to receive a text most likely as a summary of the voicemail, they might actually listen to it and that’s one more way that you can touch people’s lives that gets them that gets them moving forward with you

Better yet, get them into a call.

Whether it’s a phone call or a Zoom call, there is nothing more personal than a one-on-one session. This discovery session is a crucial webinar follow-up to getting a sale. In a short call, you can get so many things done:

  1. Hone in on their pain point, understand what exactly it is they need
  2. Give them personalized bits of advice, or insights that will make them warm up to you
  3. Briefly get across why you are the right person to solve their pain point
  4. Build a stronger connection

At the end of that call, you should have everything you need to turn that lead into a sale.Get a better understanding of the nuances of their need, more idea on their budget, what they want to achieve so you can offer them up the perfect solution.

Offer an upsell. A lot of times, people might not want your course or your product, they want YOU. This is a key piece of making more money in your funnel and follow up.

They want your time. Sometimes they just watch your webinar or get into your course just to see if you really know what you’re talking about. They want you to do what you’re teaching for them. They want you to solve their problems directly.

Think about how your webinar follow-up sequence can offer an option where people buy your personal time and expertise. Let them book a 20-minute call with you so you can sit them down one-on-one and figure out what’s the best solution for them.

This isn’t for everyone, this is the VIP treatment. About 5-10% will buy this option. They identify as the “Luxury Class” and they only buy the best. They don’t want another course, they want you, so you can take them by the hand and get them the outcome they want. 

On the other hand, have a down-sell.

After your cart closes, offer a down-sell. Your leads will not always be on the same level of interest, readiness, or won’t share the same pain point. Instead of the big guns, offer a down-sell. Now the figures will depend on what you’re selling, but instead of just selling something at $1997 or or $997, offer something at $497 or $297. Have some way to recoup money.

Once they spend money on you, it will be easier for them to spend more money on you in the future.

Host an affiliate webinar for an auxiliary product, for someone else in your space, but is not a competitor

You might not solve their pain point with your solution, but your partner’s solution can. You have to find the right partner for this and figure out how to organize things, but offering this right after your cart-close can get more money in your pocket.

This can help you establish credibility in the space with your wide knowledge of the industry, and at the same time make money from your JV.

Drive them to your community

Having a community by your side will always be an advantage. For one, it makes it a lot easier to talk to them. Your community can be your raving fans, they are your living testimonials, they are a helping hand. They can also help clarify questions for you, discuss new ideas, build trust. This is the part of your webinar funnel that makes your follow-up a lot more authentic and fun.

This can be a Facebook group or a text message group. Your audience may not be a buyer right now, but more interactions can turn them into customers. Having like-minded people in one space can make it easier for you to have more interactions and connect with them. Some studies show that in the current competitive landscape, people need more than 30 interactions before they will buy.

You’ve probably heard “Fortune is in the follow-up”, and that’s no different when it comes to webinars. I know from experience and from my clients that webinars take a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to make. 

This 9-Step Webinar Funnel was designed to you make your webinars work hard for you, and make it easy for your customers to choose you.

If you want to learn more about these 5 conversion keys in-depth, you can grab my ebook and mini-course for free here: 

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