TaJuanna Taylor: How To Hire A Rockstar VA Without Breaking The Bank

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Steve Werner

Steve Werner

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00:00:04.140 –> 00:00:17.550
Steve Werner: Welcome back to grow your impact income and influence the number one show for reaching millions also reaching millions of people you like that double play right there today, we are going to be talking about both income and impact.

00:00:18.510 –> 00:00:25.710
Steve Werner: I have Tijuana Tijuana is the best selling author of thrive Thursday say yes every day she focuses.

00:00:25.920 –> 00:00:37.920
Steve Werner: On automation systems, building a team to help you grow, one of the things that we don’t necessarily see eye to eye on is she thinks marketing should play backseat to systems we’re going to get to that later, though.

00:00:38.190 –> 00:00:39.720
Steve Werner: want to welcome to the show how are you doing.

00:00:40.410 –> 00:00:42.420
TaJuanna Taylor: i’m doing great Steve how are you.

00:00:42.870 –> 00:00:49.530
Steve Werner: I am doing awesome you if you’re not watching this on video wanna has one of the best smiles out of anyone i’ve ever seen.

00:00:49.860 –> 00:00:53.040
Steve Werner: is made my day you need to go check out the video.

00:00:53.790 –> 00:01:04.530
Steve Werner: to want to tell us a little bit about what you do, because I love the fact that you’re like you should hire people to do the things that you don’t want to do to get things off your plate, so that you can grow and you need systems.

00:01:04.830 –> 00:01:11.190
Steve Werner: talk to us about where this all came from, because it didn’t start it wasn’t like you woke up one day and suddenly had all of this stuff where did it start for you.

00:01:11.910 –> 00:01:16.680
TaJuanna Taylor: you’re so right, it did not start that way it started over 16 years ago, though.

00:01:18.750 –> 00:01:27.330
TaJuanna Taylor: just having a nap right for people leveraging human capital is one of the things in business that’s like my area of passion my area of.

00:01:28.140 –> 00:01:38.250
TaJuanna Taylor: Dare I say expertise right it’s like the people factor helping mobilize people to do the great things that they actually already equipped and want to do.

00:01:38.970 –> 00:01:53.640
TaJuanna Taylor: So you know when you are when you set out to do something, a lot of times you feel like it’s my idea, nobody is going to do it as great as me so i’m just going to do it myself right i’m just going to get all done myself and typically you don’t finish.

00:01:55.080 –> 00:02:09.630
TaJuanna Taylor: Or you get going, but you’re not able to to really give it the best possible outcome because it’s just you and that’s not the only thing you’re focusing on accomplishing in life, you there are competing priorities, there are mutually important things and so.

00:02:10.230 –> 00:02:22.770
TaJuanna Taylor: leveraging the power of people in teams came through my journey in entering into project management after working in small businesses doing a stint over 10 years in state government and recognizing look.

00:02:23.310 –> 00:02:28.350
TaJuanna Taylor: You can have all the ideas in the world, but it’s not the ideas that execute is the decisions.

00:02:28.950 –> 00:02:42.540
TaJuanna Taylor: And the decisions that we make to promote our future selves not just individually thinking about my knee or you know title or anything like that, but literally if we want to get to that fulfilled purpose driven outcome.

00:02:43.470 –> 00:02:47.430
TaJuanna Taylor: It takes a Community it takes a village that’s, not just for parenting.

00:02:48.180 –> 00:02:57.630
TaJuanna Taylor: You know that’s, not just for like in some type of indigenous or tribal thing that literally is when we do live in Community we go farther together.

00:02:57.990 –> 00:03:04.380
TaJuanna Taylor: And when we’re thinking about business whether you’re in a traditional corporate environment or whether you’re an entrepreneur ship.

00:03:04.830 –> 00:03:12.330
TaJuanna Taylor: Increasing value in visibility through collaboration whoo you’re talking about an element of autonomy and and liberation that.

00:03:12.660 –> 00:03:22.620
TaJuanna Taylor: You haven’t quite experienced if you’re not willing to work with other people to get where you want to go, I did I don’t believe in the self made millionaire somebody had to buy in but in.

00:03:24.150 –> 00:03:40.410
TaJuanna Taylor: Give a word somewhere spin their dollar for your great idea right, I think it takes others to help us get there, so that’s really where it all kind of goes back to is recognizing do it yourself doesn’t mean do it alone.

00:03:41.580 –> 00:03:49.290
Steve Werner: Okay, I can buy into that I want to go back there’s something you said I don’t know if you guys caught it, but I used to work in government, you said right.

00:03:49.980 –> 00:03:56.190
Steve Werner: that’s right So when I think of government, I think of a huge system that is like half broken and.

00:03:56.850 –> 00:04:12.600
Steve Werner: takes years to get anything done and there’s a lot of red tape right like I just think of like email chains of like we need this, we need this and then no one gets to it, but you your story starts there did you put together a team that got stuff done inside the government.

00:04:13.260 –> 00:04:17.790
TaJuanna Taylor: So I absolutely am creative has this I started from the bottom now we’re here right.

00:04:19.320 –> 00:04:25.200
TaJuanna Taylor: When I entered into state government I started as a project coordinator came right out of my Grad school.

00:04:25.740 –> 00:04:32.430
TaJuanna Taylor: program started as a project coordinator moved all kinds around in the enterprise, I mean.

00:04:32.640 –> 00:04:44.730
TaJuanna Taylor: you’re talking about contract development you’re talking about refugee grant programs you’re talking about foster care and adoption services as a human services entity, so it was again all about people, which is really what’s like you know what.

00:04:45.150 –> 00:04:59.490
TaJuanna Taylor: There is something here we’re not machines, when you really speak to what motivates individuals, you get things moving it doesn’t matter what your your title whatever you know power or authority you do or don’t have people move in relationship.

00:05:00.060 –> 00:05:13.950
TaJuanna Taylor: And so that’s really where I began being awakened about how to really activate and promote people, and so in state government starting you know at what you call the you know the ground level as the project coordinator.

00:05:14.340 –> 00:05:22.140
TaJuanna Taylor: Moving all the way up by the time I resigned, I was an enterprise project consultant, and yes, you are appointed statewide.

00:05:22.470 –> 00:05:28.380
TaJuanna Taylor: You know this entity had over 9500 employees, so you could be working in any part of the state on any given project.

00:05:28.800 –> 00:05:43.950
TaJuanna Taylor: With any with any level leadership or otherwise at any point in time to put that feather in the hat of either the governor’s initiatives or the Commissioners initiatives or whatever legislation that has now become law and it must happen.

00:05:44.730 –> 00:05:57.960
TaJuanna Taylor: You would have people like myself put into place to bring all of the subject matter experts together to make sure that outcome is delivered so, believe it or not, things do happen.

00:05:59.610 –> 00:06:00.720
TaJuanna Taylor: In government.

00:06:01.500 –> 00:06:08.370
Steve Werner: Well, if I mean if there is anything that is proof of this conversation there is somebody who got something done in the government got through the.

00:06:08.370 –> 00:06:08.880
Steve Werner: red tape.

00:06:09.330 –> 00:06:15.390
Steve Werner: And made something happen so if you could, if you could do it in government first off congratulations second.

00:06:16.620 –> 00:06:20.400
Steve Werner: Like if you can do it in government, you can definitely do it in small businesses.

00:06:20.790 –> 00:06:21.720
TaJuanna Taylor: And certainly.

00:06:22.230 –> 00:06:27.870
Steve Werner: I think one of one of the biggest things entrepreneurs struggle with is hiring right they.

00:06:28.140 –> 00:06:31.200
Steve Werner: The thing the cycle that i’ve seen and i’ve gone through it myself is.

00:06:31.680 –> 00:06:37.590
Steve Werner: I reach a pain point where i’m taking on 10 1520 projects, I mean we all have a gazillion things on our project.

00:06:37.620 –> 00:06:38.010

00:06:39.450 –> 00:06:48.990
Steve Werner: And then to your point I found that if I split beyond like two or three main things that i’m working on that everything gets real shaky right.

00:06:50.820 –> 00:06:58.500
Steve Werner: Entrepreneurs do this, especially ones who are just starting, and they get overwhelmed and they they back off they fall apart, or they hire.

00:06:59.280 –> 00:07:11.070
Steve Werner: The first person that says that they can do it because they don’t know how to interview they don’t know how to find the right person for the job, and they spend unfortunately sometimes the amount of money you spend does relate to the quality that you get sometimes it doesn’t.

00:07:11.130 –> 00:07:12.150
Steve Werner: A lot of times.

00:07:12.930 –> 00:07:20.520
Steve Werner: they’ll throw a bunch of money at it that they don’t necessarily have here’s a couple thousand dollars, this should build me the funnel or this should get the website done or this should.

00:07:20.880 –> 00:07:35.010
Steve Werner: help me with whatever right help take projects off my plate and all it does is put more projects on their plate I would love to hear your system that somehow avoids these challenges, because I know you have it, if you can make it work in government, you can make it work here.

00:07:35.700 –> 00:07:37.200
Steve Werner: walk us through what that looks like.

00:07:37.620 –> 00:07:47.640
TaJuanna Taylor: So what that what that looks like so project management, sometimes for a life that’s just for information technology or big big companies right and we’ve already established in this conversation.

00:07:48.300 –> 00:07:58.680
TaJuanna Taylor: You can do it in small business, you can do it in entrepreneurship it’s not for any one thing it’s for everything that has to go from idea.

00:07:59.100 –> 00:08:11.400
TaJuanna Taylor: To reality right or from point A to whatever the next point is B to Z and one of the things that I did to help simplify project management for people is I created a formula, called the done formula.

00:08:11.940 –> 00:08:17.760
TaJuanna Taylor: it’s a proprietary strategy it’s an acronym I love acronyms and you know as adult learners that sticks worse.

00:08:18.810 –> 00:08:28.470
TaJuanna Taylor: And so, as an acronym that helps us remember what steps can we take to actually move the needle to actually make progress.

00:08:29.550 –> 00:08:34.020
TaJuanna Taylor: What that looks like, in short, is that D right is to define.

00:08:35.160 –> 00:08:48.420
TaJuanna Taylor: Or to decide here’s the thing you said it multi passionate entrepreneurs have so many different things that we want to do, or are starting to do all at the same time, but it’s just like water in a colander right a strainer.

00:08:49.110 –> 00:08:54.210
TaJuanna Taylor: You put the water in in it spews out everywhere that’s that’s kind of a week.

00:08:55.500 –> 00:09:06.330
TaJuanna Taylor: right if you’re trying to collect water that is a very weak way to do it, however, if you have a more concentrated effort and you focus on a particular thing leverage that and then.

00:09:06.990 –> 00:09:15.690
TaJuanna Taylor: use that momentum or asset or access whatever you did to get that one thing going and put that energy now into the next thing now you have a compound effect.

00:09:16.140 –> 00:09:23.100
TaJuanna Taylor: And you can continue to build and continue to build and continue to build so whenever you start with how.

00:09:24.090 –> 00:09:32.880
TaJuanna Taylor: you’re immediately going to have chaos and overwhelmed because you’re trying to figure out how to do something, before you determine what it is that you’re working towards.

00:09:33.870 –> 00:09:44.880
TaJuanna Taylor: So that’s the fine or decide because remember it’s not the ideas that we that we execute is the decisions, then you want to move into that oh it’s only four letters, so that oh.

00:09:45.960 –> 00:09:50.550
TaJuanna Taylor: own it just because you have an idea doesn’t mean it’s going to do itself.

00:09:51.150 –> 00:09:56.100
TaJuanna Taylor: you’ve got to now step into the decisions that it’s going to take to see it through.

00:09:56.310 –> 00:10:09.000
TaJuanna Taylor: Okay, this is my idea, I would like, for this to happen, by the end of the quarter or by the end of the year now, what else do I need who else do I need where else can I go Why is this so important, you know.

00:10:09.510 –> 00:10:24.900
TaJuanna Taylor: Those w’s why men were who, what, when you answer those you can start taking steps because you’re getting very clear and very specific about what you’re working towards that in.

00:10:25.440 –> 00:10:35.040
TaJuanna Taylor: Now, when people hear this word they start to think gender specific Steve that it has nothing to do with gender it has everything to do with your intentionality.

00:10:35.610 –> 00:10:48.060
TaJuanna Taylor: And that is to nurture so in the done formula after you have decided what you’re going to do, and you made a decision that you’re going to commit to it, and now you’re owning by assessing all the things that should surround it to help you.

00:10:48.540 –> 00:11:01.560
TaJuanna Taylor: Get momentum you’re going to nurturing right you’re going to acknowledge people for their skills and values are you going to put maybe some assets or some time into what it takes to have it done you’re going to.

00:11:02.640 –> 00:11:07.680
TaJuanna Taylor: collaborate if you need to and whatever other ways you’re going to make sure that it’s actually going to thrive.

00:11:08.130 –> 00:11:17.520
TaJuanna Taylor: you’re going to make sure that it’s going to keep going it’s not just going to die off right here and that last he is executed spoiler alert you might have already guessed it.

00:11:17.850 –> 00:11:27.600
TaJuanna Taylor: But you gotta put action to it back into a calendar, so that you can ensure that anything that you had in mind by whatever point in time.

00:11:27.900 –> 00:11:47.850
TaJuanna Taylor: actually happens you’re making progress towards it, if it doesn’t have a defined start or defined finish it’s not a project it’s an operation that still getting you not nearly where you want it to be so using that formula than done formula will help you accomplish just about.

00:11:49.950 –> 00:11:51.870
Steve Werner: Alright, so i’m going to ask some questions.

00:11:51.990 –> 00:11:52.890
TaJuanna Taylor: So so.

00:11:53.520 –> 00:11:57.330
Steve Werner: So on the own let’s start with.

00:11:57.510 –> 00:11:58.740
Steve Werner: You so you decide right.

00:11:59.280 –> 00:12:00.690
Steve Werner: You can decide to do something.

00:12:01.140 –> 00:12:06.450
Steve Werner: Then you own it the problem that I see, and this is what i’ve heard from people because i’ve helped people hire.

00:12:08.100 –> 00:12:17.730
Steve Werner: But the challenge that they always throw up is well I don’t know exactly how to do it, I just know that I do it and i’m going to do it better than anyone else, because my.

00:12:17.730 –> 00:12:32.640
Steve Werner: Business so i’m really scared to hire somebody because it honestly like somebody told me this last week it’s going to take me more time and energy to figure out how I do it and train somebody than to just do it myself my answer was well.

00:12:32.670 –> 00:12:36.600
Steve Werner: You, if you take the time to do it once and you hire somebody.

00:12:37.800 –> 00:12:45.120
Steve Werner: It just filling yourself doing it or figure out what you do one time and then hire somebody they’ll give you feedback you’ll get it corrected down the road you’ll have something.

00:12:45.390 –> 00:12:52.410
Steve Werner: But I would love to hear how you would address that because I don’t think that’s necessarily the right answer or the best answer i’m not a specialist special.

00:12:53.730 –> 00:12:53.910
TaJuanna Taylor: yeah.

00:12:55.980 –> 00:12:59.310
TaJuanna Taylor: some way or another, we all are specializing in something right, I think, in.

00:13:00.660 –> 00:13:13.800
TaJuanna Taylor: it’s a very it’s a very good way because my thought to this is and as well as through practice right 16 years there, I think that must be done, but don’t necessarily have to be done by you.

00:13:15.480 –> 00:13:25.320
TaJuanna Taylor: So as soon as we let go of the idea that you know I need a person to do it, just like me well, you can have it done just like you that’s fine just make sure you have it documented, so they can follow the steps.

00:13:25.980 –> 00:13:34.530
TaJuanna Taylor: right if it’s that regimented or this that prescriptive documented, so they can follow the steps like you suggested do a loon recording or do you know some type of.

00:13:34.770 –> 00:13:44.220
TaJuanna Taylor: Video or I your training that they can watch and don’t have to pull you, you know suck your time to teach them how to do it if it’s that important to have it done that way.

00:13:44.670 –> 00:13:49.200
TaJuanna Taylor: What you really want to move into when you’re thinking about teeny is not so much that they’re going to be you.

00:13:49.500 –> 00:14:01.050
TaJuanna Taylor: But that they’re going to compliment you you’re going to give that delegated authority or you’re going to give that autonomy to trust them to do the work that you hired them to do or that you outsource.

00:14:01.260 –> 00:14:11.280
TaJuanna Taylor: them to accomplish right So yes, give feedback so that there’s no reward because that’s what none of us have time for he was at a time for it, which you don’t have time for.

00:14:12.030 –> 00:14:30.390
TaJuanna Taylor: His rework but you do have time or you make time to communicate upfront what ultimately you desire what you wish to see give some visuals if that will help so that the person who’s delivering your needs can deliver it to your specificity.

00:14:32.700 –> 00:14:36.300
TaJuanna Taylor: To me, it really is that simple let go.

00:14:37.350 –> 00:14:40.230
Steve Werner: Well Okay, so you touched on something else in there.

00:14:40.650 –> 00:14:43.590
Steve Werner: I agree, if you can hire the person that will own it.

00:14:44.040 –> 00:14:44.700
Steve Werner: Right.

00:14:45.570 –> 00:14:54.180
Steve Werner: But I think so many people have a hard time finding that person right how am I going to give this to somebody who’s going to own the outcome of it.

00:14:55.830 –> 00:15:05.670
Steve Werner: that’s I mean honestly that’s one of my biggest fears like with people that I hire how am I going to find the person and they’re there, they are, I mean it but it’s taken me a lot of searching to find the person.

00:15:05.910 –> 00:15:13.470
Steve Werner: That will own the project and that I don’t have to micromanage and that I can trust, do you have a method, do you have.

00:15:14.490 –> 00:15:28.080
Steve Werner: I don’t know, maybe a hiring process, how do you find the people that you can trust to own the project and actually do it versus somebody that is going to do a very subpar job and then cause three work, how do you prevent that.

00:15:28.860 –> 00:15:37.620
TaJuanna Taylor: So ways to prevent that is again first you’ve got to know what it is that you’re looking for, what do you want, or you might not know where to look yet, but you.

00:15:38.310 –> 00:15:48.780
TaJuanna Taylor: have to know what you want, what are you trying to accomplish what does this this professional or this skilled individual need to do for you.

00:15:49.290 –> 00:15:56.640
TaJuanna Taylor: Based on that think about again caliber when you say standard of satisfaction, what does that look like.

00:15:57.150 –> 00:16:10.950
TaJuanna Taylor: What what i’s are dotted what t’s are crossed what colors what fonts what margins what you know what thickness what debt, like all of those things are important, so that that person can mirror your expectation.

00:16:11.250 –> 00:16:23.760
TaJuanna Taylor: Again, they might have a different way, but they can mirror the finished result ultimately needs to mirror your expectation, so when you can think about what you want, take a moment to figure that out, then you can start moving towards asking.

00:16:24.600 –> 00:16:33.210
TaJuanna Taylor: I generally like to start by asking people who I already know, insurance, do you know someone that can do this or that let’s say you’re in.

00:16:33.660 –> 00:16:39.780
TaJuanna Taylor: You know the type of environment where you have to kind of go through some bureaucracy, then you make the job description.

00:16:40.650 –> 00:16:47.310
TaJuanna Taylor: To the level of specificity right that you would do if you were doing a direct referral or ask the only thing that’s different is the method.

00:16:47.910 –> 00:17:00.690
TaJuanna Taylor: How you’re getting the word out there, for your need but you’re going about it with the same intentionality now when you get to the person when you actually attract the person that has a potential to fulfill the need.

00:17:01.860 –> 00:17:17.790
TaJuanna Taylor: it’s okay to ask for social proof right that’s some recommendations gather some samples of work ask behavioral questions, a lot of people get super stuck on the hard skills.

00:17:18.870 –> 00:17:19.860
TaJuanna Taylor: and skills.

00:17:21.420 –> 00:17:37.620
TaJuanna Taylor: Are transferable most anyone that has an ability right fully functioning individual can learn how to do something, but you can always train someone on personality integrity, how to manage conflict temperament.

00:17:38.190 –> 00:17:39.930
TaJuanna Taylor: Right those things kind of just come.

00:17:40.620 –> 00:17:50.490
Steve Werner: I mean, I agree 100% but how do you know that, through an interview, how do you especially like a lot of people are hiring overseas, you talked about you’re going to hire some people overseas.

00:17:50.670 –> 00:17:58.050
Steve Werner: How do you figure out somebody’s temperament when you’re going back and forth on a message board or through email or how do you.

00:17:58.800 –> 00:18:03.870
Steve Werner: How do you know that you can trust somebody who is overseas because that’s The other thing i’ve seen a lot of people put.

00:18:04.170 –> 00:18:16.140
Steve Werner: Time energy money into hiring a va and then finding out that they’re not the ones actually doing the work they’re farming it out or they’re not there, or they don’t do a good job, how do you because that’s it’s.

00:18:16.740 –> 00:18:24.420
Steve Werner: 100% agree with you and it’s a really hard thing a lot of people will say, well, I just get a feeling about somebody.

00:18:25.650 –> 00:18:38.970
Steve Werner: Maybe you can do that on a zoom call, but how do you actually know that you can trust them and how do you ask for social proof, if I mean they can give you social proof yeah look I did some designs or hey look I did these outreach or hey.

00:18:39.060 –> 00:18:40.470
Steve Werner: You know, like I did some stuff.

00:18:40.740 –> 00:18:52.350
Steve Werner: How do you actually get into the nitty gritty of it because that’s I think I know a lot of people who have tried to hire that’s will have the discussion around that and they’ll say you know I tried, I spent months trying to do it and couldn’t figure it out, so I just.

00:18:53.400 –> 00:18:55.440
Steve Werner: shelved it and i’m back to doing it myself.

00:18:55.980 –> 00:19:02.880
TaJuanna Taylor: Yes, this is a very great question, so in my business, one of the things that I help entrepreneurs do is hire virtual assistants.

00:19:03.150 –> 00:19:11.640
TaJuanna Taylor: Because remember do it yourself does not mean do it alone, and you might not have the time, let alone the interest on pre screening recruiting.

00:19:12.330 –> 00:19:29.640
TaJuanna Taylor: Know drafting a job was managing a job board you’re like who has time for that professionals like myself that’s our jam we thrive on it right, so one of the things that I absolutely require Steve is an actual live conversation I do not just accept.

00:19:30.840 –> 00:19:41.640
TaJuanna Taylor: resumes in the inbox or or you know you can send me a digital portfolio, but I want to know who is the person behind this work, a because I need to really know.

00:19:42.480 –> 00:19:54.780
TaJuanna Taylor: That there’s a person behind the work I want to ask the person some very specific questions about them not just your career and what you’ve accomplished, and what positions you had but.

00:19:55.050 –> 00:20:13.800
TaJuanna Taylor: What are some intangible characteristics that are important to you and working with others, those answers will tell you a lot bringing up scenarios, you know in what’s in certain circumstances, how would you respond to and listening and leaning into how they respond.

00:20:14.910 –> 00:20:19.710
TaJuanna Taylor: You know, maybe even doing a little something during the call like you know I might tap on something.

00:20:21.180 –> 00:20:27.690
TaJuanna Taylor: be a bit disruptive just to kind of see how they’re going to respond if they’re going to be patient if they’re going to be.

00:20:27.960 –> 00:20:36.780
TaJuanna Taylor: Absolutely irritated and again everyone shows up differently, yet the same way, I talked with the business owner operator who’s seeking to hire the help.

00:20:37.110 –> 00:20:44.640
TaJuanna Taylor: Is the same way I connect with the virtual professional that i’m looking at as a potential candidate for that business owner, because I want to.

00:20:44.880 –> 00:20:53.370
TaJuanna Taylor: kind of make sure that there’s some personality synergy there as well, if you got a really, really chatty person with a business owner, that does not care about all that.

00:20:54.180 –> 00:21:05.070
TaJuanna Taylor: we’re going to be a good fit right and if you’ve got if you got somebody that’s like interested in just netflix and chill and yet another person that feels like that’s a waste of time.

00:21:05.610 –> 00:21:10.710
TaJuanna Taylor: Probably not going to work, because at the end of the day, you the business is being done by relationship.

00:21:11.490 –> 00:21:27.270
TaJuanna Taylor: So I look for relational factors between talent, as well as the skill set that they express they can do by seeing what they’ve done there are also some assessments so depending on the industry right.

00:21:27.390 –> 00:21:28.050
Steve Werner: So right.

00:21:28.080 –> 00:21:35.910
TaJuanna Taylor: If there are financial professionals that come to me and say hey i’d like to bring on some bookkeepers they have assessments that they have the bookkeeper do.

00:21:36.180 –> 00:21:42.210
TaJuanna Taylor: Before hiring them to ensure they have the skills that that they actually have communicated.

00:21:42.660 –> 00:21:52.290
TaJuanna Taylor: That they have, or that the resume sense that they have so there’s just there’s a variety of ways in any i’m like sherm or you know any hr.

00:21:52.860 –> 00:21:58.680
TaJuanna Taylor: related resource, you can find behavioral interview questions or assessments like actual.

00:21:59.250 –> 00:22:09.930
TaJuanna Taylor: You know vetted assessment or accredited assessments that will help give you some credibility to the talent that you’re working with, but one of the biggest things that we’re as we’re talking about outsourcing is hey.

00:22:10.230 –> 00:22:18.300
TaJuanna Taylor: If you feel like you don’t have the capacity, the space or the know how to find this person tap into your network to help.

00:22:19.080 –> 00:22:31.230
TaJuanna Taylor: find the person for you or outsource the work of finding the person they’re absolute professionals and businesses, like mine, who will do that take on that heavy lift.

00:22:31.560 –> 00:22:44.130
TaJuanna Taylor: and work with you to make sure you get the talent and skills that you need this if there were a time where I didn’t find the right person for a business owner, then I feel like I didn’t complete this or I didn’t satisfy the service.

00:22:44.370 –> 00:22:46.110
TaJuanna Taylor: So it’s not a transactional you know.

00:22:48.030 –> 00:23:06.990
Steve Werner: So Okay, I have one other question that comes up people ask and i’m sure you get this as well, what is, what do I need to budget to hire a va what do I need to budget should I hire somebody that’s in the US Should I be looking at at somebody overseas and what should I budget for that.

00:23:08.220 –> 00:23:14.760
TaJuanna Taylor: Well Steve so that answer is truly going to depend on i’m going to say two things if I bear number.

00:23:16.380 –> 00:23:22.950
TaJuanna Taylor: Two things come to mind right here, here are the things that come to mind one what you’re what you’re comfortable with.

00:23:23.670 –> 00:23:29.040
TaJuanna Taylor: The reality of it is not everybody has totally embrace diversity in such a way.

00:23:29.340 –> 00:23:39.750
TaJuanna Taylor: And so, if you’re not comfortable with working with a person that might have a different cultural background or have a different voice and tone in diction or you know they’re they’re not right across the street, so you can’t access them.

00:23:40.080 –> 00:23:53.010
TaJuanna Taylor: Then you might want to find someone that is domestic to where you live, so that you can have more of that familiarity right, but if you’re someone who’s like I just need them to be a great personal dependable.

00:23:53.370 –> 00:24:01.590
TaJuanna Taylor: My personal but person, you know, dependable have that skill set that they need I don’t really care where they are because we’re living in this kind of virtual reality, then and.

00:24:01.890 –> 00:24:13.230
TaJuanna Taylor: A global virtual assistant or an international professional may serve you well The other thing beyond comfort or familiarity is going to be, what can you afford.

00:24:14.640 –> 00:24:22.050
TaJuanna Taylor: Now the size of your business is going to determine which route, it may be beneficial for you to go.

00:24:22.440 –> 00:24:27.870
TaJuanna Taylor: If you are a business owner and you are not having problems with consistent revenue.

00:24:28.050 –> 00:24:37.980
TaJuanna Taylor: And you’re actually making profit, because you know a lot of people talk about revenue and i’m like how many of them actually fully paid at the end of the agreement, though, because that’s different but maybe that’s another talk Steve.

00:24:40.050 –> 00:24:43.920
TaJuanna Taylor: But right it’s like that actually you don’t have you’re not struggling with it was with.

00:24:44.340 –> 00:24:54.120
TaJuanna Taylor: inconsistent revenue, and you know you know who your target market is and you’re not struggling to find clients and so you have income, you have profit in your business to afford this expense.

00:24:54.900 –> 00:25:05.010
TaJuanna Taylor: Then you can choose to hire you know, maybe a novice or you can choose to hire more school professional, just like us here in the US you’re right it’s kind of based on your skill set and your.

00:25:05.010 –> 00:25:11.400
TaJuanna Taylor: expertise with the international va it might be the same way, however, the currency difference.

00:25:11.880 –> 00:25:19.590
TaJuanna Taylor: Is what really allows a lot of Michael small businesses to afford to hire virtual assistants and.

00:25:19.890 –> 00:25:28.740
TaJuanna Taylor: i’m here for the sustainability factor, there are project vas that you can get that you basically they’re in get the job done and they’re back out you’re done with them right.

00:25:29.370 –> 00:25:39.540
TaJuanna Taylor: Where I have found the most significant support to be is the virtual assistants that stay with you long term, like you, literally are developing a working relationship with them.

00:25:40.230 –> 00:25:47.250
TaJuanna Taylor: In the senses older your employees, but you know they’re freelance contractor with your entity and the currency difference, for example.

00:25:47.850 –> 00:25:57.240
TaJuanna Taylor: In the Philippines with our virtual assistants, we don’t operate as a Management Agency, which means it’s a direct hire direct communication direct work between you and the va.

00:25:57.510 –> 00:26:09.690
TaJuanna Taylor: So the va gets to ask their rate we don’t skim off the top so they get fully paid that’s the mission part for us is like yes their lives are being changed and so as a business owner because they’re getting help right.

00:26:10.170 –> 00:26:23.730
TaJuanna Taylor: And so they get to ask their USD rate, which is still not remotely comparable to what you would pay someone here domestically and so, if you know that you can’t get afford it, but you still want quality.

00:26:24.120 –> 00:26:30.690
TaJuanna Taylor: Professional who is dependable committed to your business as much as they want to achieve their on their own goals.

00:26:30.960 –> 00:26:41.820
TaJuanna Taylor: The International virtual assistant may be a great opportunity for you and so that’s something that we encourage and help people when they’re wanting to make them informed decision about which route to choose.

00:26:42.540 –> 00:26:52.920
Steve Werner: Nice awesome so last question, well, maybe, maybe we’ll get two more The first one is what’s the biggest mistake that you see people make when they’re hiring somebody.

00:26:53.910 –> 00:27:02.460
Steve Werner: Because you’ve seen a lot of people hired you’ve seen a lot of relationships to probably have worked out and haven’t worked out what is one mistake that you see a lot of people make.

00:27:03.510 –> 00:27:11.520
TaJuanna Taylor: So one mistake, and this, this one is kind of like ooh because that line is so fine hiring friends.

00:27:12.930 –> 00:27:13.380
Steve Werner: yeah.

00:27:13.440 –> 00:27:21.510
TaJuanna Taylor: Right hiring friends it’s it you, you and the friend if you’re going to do business together treat it.

00:27:21.840 –> 00:27:34.140
TaJuanna Taylor: Like the business that is understand what you both you know the criteria that you’re working under making sure that there are set expectations so everyone knows how to function.

00:27:34.800 –> 00:27:46.800
TaJuanna Taylor: Because that friendship line sometimes can be blurred and you don’t want people to show up lackadaisical to the business the way they maybe they do as a friendship and now you’re disappointed in them, but it’s like you know who they are right, you know I mean we’re.

00:27:48.150 –> 00:28:01.830
Steve Werner: i’ll throw i’ll throw out there, like I maybe i’ll take a little bit harder line don’t ever work with your friends like it’s a bad idea, friends and family should never be hired to work in your business because it will cause way more problems than it is worth.

00:28:02.430 –> 00:28:14.850
Steve Werner: If people if your friends or family or asking you for a job i’ve had several of both it’s because they see like the sounds really blunt, you can tell me your thoughts, but they see it as an easy job that they will get paid for.

00:28:16.230 –> 00:28:25.920
Steve Werner: The they’re like Oh, I can go over here and work for blah blah blah you’re going to go work for Steve he’s going to be a great boss, is going to be way easier to work for, then you know the.

00:28:26.580 –> 00:28:32.310
Steve Werner: person i’m working for and he’s going to pay me better I may get more vacation, this is the conversation going on in their head.

00:28:33.180 –> 00:28:34.230
Steve Werner: I have never.

00:28:34.680 –> 00:28:43.530
Steve Werner: I won’t say never I will say, out of all of the businesses that I can think of off the top of my head, I know one who hired semi.

00:28:44.220 –> 00:28:52.650
Steve Werner: Well, they ended up splitting ways after nine months because they decided it was hurting the friendship two months too much, and they were adults enough to walk away from it.

00:28:53.340 –> 00:29:03.240
Steve Werner: Everyone else I know people who have lost like great friends lifelong friends, I know people who don’t talk to their family anymore, because they hired them seems like a good idea at the time.

00:29:04.320 –> 00:29:13.920
Steve Werner: But if it’s my two cents just don’t do it, I think that is a huge huge mistake that a lot of people make because they they also see it as I can trust this person.

00:29:14.130 –> 00:29:14.790
TaJuanna Taylor: that’s yeah.

00:29:15.720 –> 00:29:19.950
TaJuanna Taylor: And at the end of the day, like you, don’t end up trusting that person because they end up.

00:29:20.190 –> 00:29:31.710
Steve Werner: Whether they mean to or not they do something that wasn’t the right thing and now you’re questioning them you can’t have the right discussion with them, because your mindset is different it’s and it is a tough one.

00:29:32.070 –> 00:29:35.190
TaJuanna Taylor: it’s a tough one, and what I find that’s more that’s that’s.

00:29:36.150 –> 00:29:52.560
TaJuanna Taylor: Equally, as like whew Be careful is if you’re going to hire the friends actually do have an even if I say this actually do have i’m very selective, I am extremely selective about the friends that I will work with right because some we know nothing personal its business right now.

00:29:54.180 –> 00:29:56.190
TaJuanna Taylor: will be T right when we off the zoo.

00:29:56.430 –> 00:30:02.310
TaJuanna Taylor: i’ll be to the world isn’t understand it’s not about me it’s not about you were wanting this call, because.

00:30:02.550 –> 00:30:12.630
TaJuanna Taylor: X y&z outcomes need to happen right but we respect one another in that space, what happens is friends hire friends, because their friends, not necessarily because the friend has the skill set.

00:30:13.440 –> 00:30:29.070
Steve Werner: Right that’s exactly they think that it’s trust or like ability, I mean there you have to be able to compartmentalize I almost even don’t like saying this because everybody listens and they they overestimate they say Oh, I can compartmentalize oh I i’ll.

00:30:29.250 –> 00:30:32.190
Steve Werner: You know it’ll work out it never works out.

00:30:32.580 –> 00:30:33.150
TaJuanna Taylor: um.

00:30:33.210 –> 00:30:45.210
Steve Werner: If you haven’t seen the movie the founder, I will go watch it it’s a story of mcdonald’s um I can’t remember the guy was the old Batman guy played the played Roy croc.

00:30:45.720 –> 00:30:54.450
Steve Werner: And he says in it, he was like I will be your best friend at dinner, but the minute we’re in business, my job is to kill you my job is to choke you to.

00:30:54.450 –> 00:30:54.870
Steve Werner: death.

00:30:55.380 –> 00:30:56.670
Steve Werner: Everything right.

00:30:56.970 –> 00:30:59.430
Steve Werner: And that’s, that is, the game of business like at the end of the.

00:30:59.430 –> 00:31:02.100
TaJuanna Taylor: day that sounds really harsh if you’re listening to this and you’re like that’s harsh.

00:31:02.550 –> 00:31:12.210
Steve Werner: Right at the end of the day, if the business, the business has to make money and business has to make money by selling something of value internally, it has to run well.

00:31:12.570 –> 00:31:13.200
TaJuanna Taylor: And a thank.

00:31:13.680 –> 00:31:20.970
Steve Werner: You or my mom or whoever I hire is causing that not to happen my job as a business owner.

00:31:21.180 –> 00:31:23.040
Steve Werner: is to fix the problem at all costs.

00:31:23.310 –> 00:31:25.230
TaJuanna Taylor: that’s right that’s right by any.

00:31:25.530 –> 00:31:30.660
TaJuanna Taylor: means necessary like a big Asterix like i’m not going to be unethical i’m not going to hurt anybody.

00:31:30.900 –> 00:31:38.580
Steve Werner: But if I have to fire somebody or, if I have to demote them or, if I have to replace them or, if I have to have a difficult conversation.

00:31:41.040 –> 00:31:50.670
Steve Werner: Ask yourself if you had to tell your friend something horrible I don’t know their spouse is cheating on them, or something like think of the worst thing you would have to tell them if that makes you.

00:31:50.700 –> 00:31:52.980
Steve Werner: crazy, you should definitely not hire them to be.

00:31:55.590 –> 00:32:01.260
TaJuanna Taylor: yeah if that’s a good one, if it makes you queasy if you feel like you’re going to be reluctant to have the conversation.

00:32:01.650 –> 00:32:09.840
TaJuanna Taylor: Then you’re probably not going to be able to do business, because it can get uncut business gets uncomfortable that’s the reality of it business gets uncomfortable yeah.

00:32:11.670 –> 00:32:12.240
TaJuanna Taylor: Go ahead see.

00:32:12.900 –> 00:32:19.320
Steve Werner: I mean it absolutely does like it’s I think in my own business, like i’m thinking of conversations that i’ve had to have, over the years.

00:32:19.530 –> 00:32:25.200
Steve Werner: Either employees who didn’t work out or agencies that I hired that didn’t work out I could sit down.

00:32:25.800 –> 00:32:36.360
Steve Werner: And I would have to prep for the call right like I walk myself through what the call is going to be like because I have to have that conversation when I was in corporate I had more than 300 employees under me, and I would have to fire people and, like.

00:32:37.140 –> 00:32:44.700
Steve Werner: It didn’t bother me to call somebody into my office having a review with them, they got what they all knew that they got one strike.

00:32:45.060 –> 00:32:56.580
Steve Werner: One big problem, the next big problem you’re done it never bothered me to fire them, but in my own business i’m like oh man they’re expecting and I had to like sit down and have that right like that’s a very.

00:32:57.630 –> 00:32:59.670
Steve Werner: If any of this makes you queasy.

00:33:00.990 –> 00:33:10.920
Steve Werner: Like if you’re thinking about this and you’re like I don’t know that I could ever have that I just want to hire the person that I never have to have that conversation with you need to really look at yourself in the mirror and and like.

00:33:12.030 –> 00:33:13.440
Steve Werner: realize that that is part.

00:33:13.470 –> 00:33:14.880
TaJuanna Taylor: of businesses, wanted to have it.

00:33:15.510 –> 00:33:25.800
Steve Werner: it’s a skill that you must learn, and then, when you start hiring people, you have to look at it so i’m going to pivot just a little bit from that.

00:33:26.310 –> 00:33:28.710
Steve Werner: I see the profit first book in the background.

00:33:29.160 –> 00:33:31.350
Steve Werner: wow this isn’t a show about profit first or.

00:33:31.350 –> 00:33:32.730
TaJuanna Taylor: Taxes you read clockwork.

00:33:33.990 –> 00:33:34.650
TaJuanna Taylor: No.

00:33:35.310 –> 00:33:37.980
Steve Werner: Okay you’ll You should read clockwork clockwork and i’m.

00:33:37.980 –> 00:33:38.880
TaJuanna Taylor: gonna make a note of it.

00:33:39.390 –> 00:33:41.910
Steve Werner: On systems was by my uncle would same guy.

00:33:42.300 –> 00:33:44.940
Steve Werner: it’s on his systems, I thought, maybe we would discuss a few.

00:33:44.940 –> 00:33:45.420
Steve Werner: Of them but.

00:33:46.740 –> 00:33:55.980
Steve Werner: In other terms if people leave this conversation this podcast what is one thing that they should take away and take action on.

00:33:58.050 –> 00:34:02.820
TaJuanna Taylor: One thing, and you all have heard me say it might have said it twice already in the podcast.

00:34:05.850 –> 00:34:06.300
Steve Werner: that’s all right.

00:34:07.470 –> 00:34:15.090
TaJuanna Taylor: it’s repetition right repetition stand firm on this do it yourself does not mean do it alone.

00:34:18.990 –> 00:34:19.590
TaJuanna Taylor: that’s it.

00:34:21.600 –> 00:34:21.960
Steve Werner: well.

00:34:23.280 –> 00:34:28.200
Steve Werner: If people want to find you if people want to learn more about you, we talked about your book a little bit earlier.

00:34:28.410 –> 00:34:35.100
Steve Werner: But where can they go online where’s the best place to connect with you, if they want to schedule a consultation, if they want your help, finding an employee.

00:34:35.340 –> 00:34:36.060
Steve Werner: Where should they go.

00:34:36.840 –> 00:34:43.800
TaJuanna Taylor: Yes, so one of the simplest ways, you can find us is on social media at bootstrap dreams, with an s.

00:34:44.280 –> 00:34:53.250
TaJuanna Taylor: everywhere and bootstrap dreams.com the website through either of those sources, you can click on the link contact us.

00:34:53.490 –> 00:35:02.490
TaJuanna Taylor: ask us questions were genuinely here to help you get the next best decision for yourself, so you can go forward and action.

00:35:02.790 –> 00:35:18.060
TaJuanna Taylor: We want you to absolutely thrive and not just survive in business, entrepreneurship, we want you to have that autonomy life all the great things that you set out to be doing, we want to see you succeed so connect with us we’re pretty funny too.

00:35:19.530 –> 00:35:25.500
Steve Werner: awesome I love it to wanna Thank you so much for being amazing guests and sharing so much for your time and expertise with us.

00:35:26.910 –> 00:35:28.110
TaJuanna Taylor: Thank you see.

00:35:28.590 –> 00:35:35.040
Steve Werner: No problem, it is my pleasure to everyone else out there until next time take action change lives and make money we’ll see you soon.


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