Webinar live or recorded

Should My Webinar Be Live Or Recorded?

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Steve Werner

Steve Werner

Keynote Speaker, Author, 170+ Monetization, Conversion, and One to Many Sales Presentations Worldwide.

Should I do my webinar live or recorded? 

I feel like everyone at one point or another asks this question when they are getting started with webinars.

If you are thinking “I just want to record my presentation, upload it to a re-player, and start making money…” keep reading.

It’s not that what you want to do is impossible,

the issue is that becoming a great presenter is hard and takes time and practice.

The old mantra “if it was easy, everyone would be doing it,” applies here

The good news is that

  1. Preforming on a webinar is a learnable skill
  2. you can get paid while getting better.

Michael Jordan didn’t become the best basketball player by just showing up, he had to put in the reps. He deliberately practiced the same shot over and over.

he tested out different grips, different jumps, different foot placement.

That’s what deliberate practice is.

Practicing and testing and learning…

not just showing up and going through the motions.

Here is how this applies to webinars.

More than 70% of webinars don’t make money the first time they are preformed.

Most people never get past that.

There are a lot of things that go into having a successful webinar performance, and we will cover the funnel, follow up and ads in a different post. For right now, though, we need to focus on the webinar.

Before we jump into it, I want to address something.

If you are on an auto-webinar, and the presenter says something like “We are live” how do you feel?

Do you trust them more or less?

This is a simple thing to fix, just be honest. “I recorded this live, and you are most likely catching the replay.” that’s all you have to say, you will keep their trust.

Ok, lets get into it.

Webinar Live or Recorded Phase 1:

Do the webinar live with $1000 in ad spend. This will show you what you need to fix first.

If you are following what I teach, you have a good shot at breaking even.

let’s look at the math.

$10 per opt-in = 100 registered

20% show-up on the webinar =20 ppl

You do a good job presenting and closing, and close at a 5% rate

1 sale.

your follow up sequence works like it should, and you make 1 additional sale.

2 sales total.

You doubled your ad spend.

$1 in, $2 out.

This is an ideal result, and not everyone is going to have it happen like this.

To be brutally honest, 1 out of 5 get a result like this when starting out.

The good news is that you can see exactly what to fix when you go over it.

Where did people fall off?

Where was your story weak?

What objections came up in the comments?

How can you raise your energy?

The more you do the webinar, the better results you will see.

The more problems you fix, the more money you will make.

You need to keep working on it until you have

20% or more show up from cold ads

75% stay on till the offer

5% close rate live

5% close rate on follow up.

once you have these, you can go to phase 2.

While you are getting there, you can take each recording and put it up as an auto-webinar as you are working on getting it perfect. Just avoid the draw to be lazy and not keep doing it live and working on it/

Webinar Live or Recorded Phase 2:

You are hitting the numbers above and are getting better at preforming the webinar live.

Keep going. This is what separates Jordan from everyone else.

Sure, you can turn it ever-green and move on to something else..

…but nothing will change your business more than mastering this skill.

The skill of commanding an audience’s attention and really connecting with them.

Keep doing it live and watching the replays to dial it in more until you hit 80% plus on for the offer.

Work on your front ends and your follow up offers.

You should be able to get to $1 in and $4 out or better, but it’s not going to happen overnight.

Once you get there, you can turn it into an evergreen webinar.

In my opinion, live always converts better, and gets you better customers.

That being said, when you get it right and have it running on auto pilot, it’s nice to sit back and just collect money while it runs…


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