How This Works:

This is my free gift to you, there is no cost, I am even covering shipping.  All that’s required to take part in the challenge is your address and phone number.

Why I Need Your Phone Number: I am going to text you a short, personal motivational every day to get you pumped up, jazzed, and excited to make you unstoppable and overcome whatever is in your way!

Step 1: Fill out the form below.  I will ship you a band this week.

Step 2: Put the band on one wrist, it doesn’t matter which one. 

Every time you think a negative thought:

1. PAUSE and take a deep breath and change which wrist the band is on

2. RELEASE the negative thought,

3. REPLACE it with a positive thought. (ex. “I don’t have time” moves to “I create the time”)

This will train your brain to literally start removing negativity from your life.

Step 3: CONNECT with the positive message I text you every day and SPREAD your own message in the world.