How To Overcome Objections (and raise conversions) On Your Webinar

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Steve Werner

Steve Werner

Keynote Speaker, Author, 170+ Monetization, Conversion, and One to Many Sales Presentations Worldwide.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could overcome objections and get more conversions on your webinar?

Well, you can. This article will show you how to do it naturally in a way that will have your listeners leaning in even more.

Have you ever noticed that great webinar (or presentation) doesn’t just teach…

… it opens up the mind of the listener to alternative possibilities for their life.

It gets them to see a different way.

Here is the thing; when we are listening to someone and they say something, we either agree or disagree with it. We have a mini conversation in our head.

What this means is, if we don’t agree with what the person is saying, we will start to pull away.

If you are teaching them something on their webinar they have resistance to, and they disagree, they may not buy.

The more they don’t agree with, the less likely they are to buy.

One of the best ways to change this is through overcoming their objections by breaking and reframing.

When done correctly, these steps will be natural and never trigger a flight or fight response from your listener…

… Instead, they will feel like you have lifted a weight off their shoulders! Now they can do something new and exciting in their life that they couldn’t do before.

They will start to believe that they can have the result your product or service provides…

… and it will move them into buying.

Building these into your webinar has proven to more than double conversion in some webinars…

Its super powerful, and below are the steps.

1. Pick Spots In Your Webinar Where Your Audience Might Have An Objection To What You Are Showing Them.

Run through a replay of your webinar. Make some notes where listeners might not agree with what you are saying.

Surprisingly, of the over 100 webinars I have analyzed, more than half of them didn’t do this.

They just went from teaching point to teaching point…

…some had stories, some didn’t…

but more than half never attempted to overcome objections.

Because of this, they are losing viewers and sales…

It made me sad 🤔

Take action and do this, and you will see amazing changes in your stay-through rate and sales.

2. Re-Frame It To Overcome Objections On Your Webinar

Never disagree with your listeners.

You might be saying, “But Steve, I don’t think the same thing that they do?!”

I agree with you that you don’t think the same way, and I would add that the number 1 way to make them dig in and defend their point of view more.

Instead, always agree with them on a point they might be thinking…

… and then pivot and show them a different way.

Re-read the last few sentences to see this in action 😁

3. Wrap It With A Story So That You Can Overcome Objections Naturally On Your Webinar.

To drive it home, take them through a story.

This could buy you…

… one of your clients…

… a movie…

… a famous person…

Any story that

first identifies with them where they are at (pain),

Second shows a pivot in their thinking (lightbulb moment)

Thrid shows a great outcome your audience wants (exciting tomorrow)

For more on storytelling for webinars, check out this article:

To recap the steps you need to take to overcome objections on your webinar:

  1. identify where the objections are
  2. reframe them in a positive, non confrontational way
  3. wrap them in a success story.

Good webinars use this at least 10 times in the front half of the webinar, and 7 times after the offer.

Great webinars use this over 15 times before the offer…

… and 10 or more times after the offer.

What this means toyou is that when you master this process, it will actually build rapport and affinity with your audience. They will love you for helping them to feel better about their future life…

… and it will move them into buying.

Now that you know the basics of how to overcome objections in your webinar, how are you going to get started using it?

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