How to make money on your webinar

How To Make Money On Your Webinar

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Steve Werner

Steve Werner

Keynote Speaker, Author, 170+ Monetization, Conversion, and One to Many Sales Presentations Worldwide.

“How do I make money on my webinar?” is a question that I get a lot.

There are 3 keys to making money on your webianr:

  1. Establish Authority (not by teaching)
  2. Get the listeners 1 big “Ah-Ha” (not hours of content crammed into 30 min)
  3. Use Stories That Show Outcomes (and Make The Webinar Fun)

We will go through these in detail in just a second, but first, I want to tell you about a client of mine that was struggling to get anyone to buy from them on their webinar.

When we started to work together, he told me

“Steve, I have all the knowledge that these Dentists need to grow their business, but no one is listening to me.”

Sure enough, he had over 300 registrants for his webinar…

… but by 20 minutes in, less than half were still on.

And this is where it really goes sideways!

His webinar was almost 3hrs long.

By the halfway point, almost everyone had bounced off.

I want you to take a second to think about something that will paint this picture for you…

Think back to high-school or college and think about your favorite teacher.

Do you have an excellent picture of them in your head?

Now think about all the other boring teachers…

Here is the difference!

The teacher you liked was Engaging!

They made learning fun!

Chances are that they actually taught less than the other teachers.

The other boring teachers probably taught more.

They probably lectured in a monotone voice that made you tune out quickly.

The same thing happens on webinars all the time…

…most webinars are absolute snooze fests!

So how do you stop this from happening?

Step 1: Establish Authority (not by teaching!)

There are 3 ways that you do this, and none of them have to do with teaching.

  1. 3 outcome driven client stories, testimonials, or case studies within the first 5 minutes of your webinar.
  2. Show your audience what you can do for them by showing proof! (If you need to know how to get a great testimonial, or what it looks like, see my other articles)
  3. Your hero’s journey story that shows you overcoming at least 3 of their major pain points, the struggle you went through to overcome them, and what life is like on the other side. (you can learn more about in my training video here)
  4. Visuals! Slides are not meant to be packed with words! Instead, use visuals that show them your authority. Your presentation should have slides, lots of them. You want to be flipping through them to keep people engaged. Each slide should have a supporting picture, and very few words.

The main point here is that you don’t need them to know everything you know, you just need them to trust you. Make it fun for them to learn about you and keep it moving.

Step 2: Get the listeners 1 big “Ah-Ha” (not hours of content crammed into 30 min)

You want to get your viewers to have one big shift.

A webinar is a chance to teach them something, but not everything you know.

What’s the most powerful thing you can teach them that will be a big “Ah-Ha” for them?

Here is the thing, most of your viewers are at a 1 or 2 out of 10 in terms of knowledge about what you are talking about.

The minute you try to cram all your years of knowledge into a 30 to 40 minute presentation, you will lose them.

The brain does a funny thing when exposed to complex things.

It shuts off and becomes sleepy…


It tunes out and becomes interested in something fun; Facebook, YouTube, or something going on in the other room.

So how do you get them into this one big shift?

Pick what the big thing is and then break it down into a few supporting points.

Make sure that everything in the webinar (stories, testimonials, and teaching) point to the key thing. Also make sure that what you are selling solves the key problem, and the next few things they will need after.

Usually, the clients I work with pick something that is pretty advanced, so I would brainstorm a list, then take it one step further.

Here is an example from my webinar:

Main “Ah-Ha” – What makes a great webinar isn’t the deck or having a template to follow, its having an engaging presentation”

Supporting points:

  1. Teacher story from above.
  2. Language patterns and NLP
  3. Using stories to show the point rather than teaching.
  4. Decks are boring, how to present and not rely on one
  5. Only 10% of communication is the words we use, and the value of a webinar is that you can use body language, language, tone, and energy level to influence your audience”

Everything there is easy to understand, and points to the main point. All the supporting points also point directly to what I sell, which also magnetizes the listener to lean in and buy at the end.

I hope this is starting to make sense (or dollars for you) now 😁)

Step 3: Use Stories That Show Outcomes (and Make The Webinar Fun)

This ties right into solving all the pain points talked about in this post.

There is a reason Jesus used parables…

not to mention all the other outstanding teachers throughout history.

They work!

When you tell someone something, a subconscious wall goes up.

Think about it for a second.

When was the last time someone said something like “You want to know how to fix that?”

Our natural response is to say “no, I got it” or maybe say “yes” but inside we are resistant to it.

Telling a story gets around this defense mechanism.

How to tell a great story (that gets people to buy)

  1. The first part to to build drama and talk about the pain points the main character has to overcome (50% of story)
  2. What was the lightbulb moment that changed everything (10%)
  3. What is their exciting life like now (30%)
  4. What is the new problem created (or CTA depending where in the webinar you are at) (10%)

Use this framework to tell stories, and you will start to see your attendees become more engaged, and buy more

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