How To Build A Webinar Offer That Converts

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Steve Werner

Steve Werner

Keynote Speaker, Author, 170+ Monetization, Conversion, and One to Many Sales Presentations Worldwide.

You are here because you are looking for ways to build a webinar offer that converts and puts money into your bank account.

One of the biggest mistakes I see in webinar breakdowns for a clients is that they get the offer wrong.

People get awkward when it comes to putting their offer out.

This article will cover some best practices that will have your offer converting before you know it.

First up is…

How Long Should The Offer Portion Of My Webinar Be?

I see this with clients all the time. They deliver value in the first part of the webinar…

… and then rush the offer.

Thats not how to build a webinar offer that converts!

As a rule of thumb, your offer should be the same length as the first half of your webinar.

However, I know the voice in your head might be saying “but I don’t want to just pitch, pitch, pitch…”

Here is the thing…

It’s not about pitching them and doing a hard sell!

That is to say, when done correctly, the offer portion is where you can show the audience how the principles from your content can apply to them over the next few months.

…How they can actually integrate the knowledge and turn it into results in their business…

Which is what is important.

Do you expect to be able to radically change someone’s life or business in 45 minutes?

If you are being honest with yourself, the answer would be “no, of course not”

Your viewers know this as well.

Don’t be scared or squeamish to show them how you can help them.

The way I do this is to think about all the outcomes you are going to help them get.

Future-pace yourself!

When you are truly sold on what you are selling, it’s easy to scream it from the mountain tops 🙂

The second important thing to realize is that the reason your audience is on in the first place is that they want the outcome you are selling them…

…and the reason they are still on when you are making the offer is

because they are interested in what you are selling!

Make the sale good!

So now that we have set the expectation for length…

Next up is

To Ask Permission To Make The Offer

We have all gotten to the place in the webinar where we knew that the offer was coming.

Truth is, that in today’s marketplace, everyone that registers for a webinar knows an offer is coming.

Where it becomes pushy is when you don’t transition well.

I have seen so many people do this wrong.

They just jump straight from teaching right into the offer…

or they get apologetic about making the offer…

“well, this might help you if…”, or “here is what I have to offer, if you are interested…”

Neither of those show confidence in what you are offering or get people excited…

Instead of doing that, here is the really easy way I do the transition


Do This By

“What I have just shown you has helped you see how to grow your business…

… and does it make sense that I while I can help give you ideas and a framework that will help you,…

…does it also make sense that to really see change, you will need to implement these in your business over the next coming months?”

Would you like me to show you how you can build these tactics into your business over the next few months and really get the results you want?”

Get them to say yes!

This is very important and powerful.

Here’s why, when the audience says “YES!” they are starting to say they want what you have to offer and are starting to lean in.

There are 2 secrets I will share with you:

  1. First, if they bounce off the webinar at this point, you have lost nothing! They were not going to buy, anyway. The people that have stayed are saying “I want what you have”

    This is the difference between someone hawking free samples on a street corner and someone having a room full of people begging for you to sell them.

  2. Second, if you have been using “trial closes” this becomes even easier. You can ask 3 questions that get a yes before asking them if you can make an offer. This will make it much easier for them to say “Yes” to you.


    “Did everyone have a good time and learn something that would help them in their business? Are you starting to see how powerful XXX is in (getting the outcome they want)? Would you like to see how we can work together over the next several months to implement this in your business?”

To Make A Converting Offer On Your Webinar, Get the Main Offer Up In 3 Minutes or Less!

The error that presenters make here is to dive into all the features of their offer.

They spend waaayyyyyyy too much time going through all the modules in their course.

This is selling the plane flight in coach vs the vacation with margaritas on the beach.

People are not buying because it’s got 12 hours of video and 100 different lessons, they are buying because of the outcomes.

You only need to show them the minimum of the product to get them to logically accept that what you are offering in the main sale will get them the outcome.

“So why 3 minutes?” you ask?!

Here is the deal…

When you make your first offer with a price attached, or when you put the first stack slide up…

10% will buy; these are your action takers, the ones that were easy to sell and wanted to buy.

10% will never buy, they are going to bounce, or stay out of curiosity, but they are not buyers.

that leaves 80%!

These are your “MAYBEs” – they are interested in what you are selling, you just have to provide enough value so that it becomes a no brainer to buy.

Your goal with the rest of the stack and offer is to get them to move from “maybe” to “buyer”

I do this in 3 ways:

  1. Additional items in the value stack. 5 minimum.
  2. Client Testimonials showing that what you are giving them works
  3. Your Personal guarantee

There are secrets to getting each one of these correct we will talk about in a different post.

This is how to build a webinar offer that converts 🙂

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