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How Holly Retired Her Husband Through Blogging

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Steve Werner

Steve Werner

Keynote Speaker, Author, 170+ Monetization, Marketing, And Motivation Presentations Worldwide.

Holly Homer runs one of the largest “mommy blogs” in the world. We get to hear her story on overcoming huge tech hurdles from someone who couldn’t check her email.
She shows us the keys to mastering SEO and Search. She then shares with us why it’s coming back in a huge way, and how to capitalize on it in the upcoming years.
In the early 2000s, Holly was trying to figure out how to check her email(she really didn’t know how) and found out that she could start a free blog on blogspot.com. It was easy and made it so she didn’t have to tell the same stories over and over…
Fast forward a few years, and Holly’s blog had grown to one of the biggest mommy blogs on the internet. With millions of page views a month, it was getting to the point that she could retire her husband. From there the business really took off.
In the podcast, Holly shares the best practices and things that listeners can implement right now to start seeing results. She also shows us how to future proof our content and make sure that it searchable for years to come.
She is one of the nicest people in the world and has amazing advice that you will appreciate.
If you need help with SEO, Search, or Blogging, you can reach Holly here: https://hollyhomer.com/