How Do I Get People To Stay To The End Of My Webinar?

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Steve Werner

Steve Werner

Keynote Speaker, Author, 170+ Monetization, Conversion, and One to Many Sales Presentations Worldwide.

“How do I get people to stay to the end of my webinar?”

I get this question a lot…

People spend the time, money and energy to get people to the start of the webinar…

… but by the time they get to the offer part of the webinar, people have bounced off.

How do you stop this?

There are 3 things that increase stay rate and ultimately conversion.

  1. Stories -teaching too much puts people to sleep (and can trigger walls) stories get people excited and leaning in.

  2. Open loops – Don’t solve everything for the listener! Open anticipation loops in the first half of the presentation, close it in the offer (and solve the problem when they buy) more on this later…

  3. Energy level – “Sales is the transference of certainty and excitement about what you are selling.” – Zig Ziglar.

Don’t tell, Use Stories That Sell To Get People To Stay To The End Of Your Webinar.

I have torn apart and analyzed over 100 webinars and stage presentations.

One thing I learned was good ones have 20 or more stories. Great ones have more than 35. The best converting ones of all time have over 50! (61 was the count for the highest converting one)

When you lead by telling the audience something, 2 things happen that cause bounces and hurt conversion.

  1. A small subconscious wall goes up. Like it or not, you are pushing onto them before they lean in. Telling a story that pre-frames the teaching point. This will get them to ask for the “how”. When they lean in, it gives you permission to teach.

  2. Teaching causes brain fog. Think about anytime someone teaches something. This could be on YouTube, at an event, or in a book. The processing power in our brain starts working overtime to learn and take it in. 3rd party studies have shown that we can only take about 30 seconds of teaching before we start to slow down.

By telling a story, you get them to lean in first. They become involved in the webinar.

We can’t help it. When we hear a great story, we become the main character in our head.

This also solves the “brain-fog” issue as well. It gets them to see the teaching point naturally without having to over process it.

Then, after you tell the story and break it down into the lesson/ teaching point, it’s much easier to understand.

Don’t Solve Everything For The Listener, And Get Way More People To Stay To The End Of Your Webinar

This one was really hard for me to learn.

We naturally want to give people the answers, that’s what makes us outstanding teachers.

Here is the thing, when we open the loop and leave it open, your audience will look for ways to close it.

It creates anticipation and excitement.

Then when you put up a product or service that closes it, they can’t help but buy.

“How do I make this happen?” you are asking…

Start by looking the products and services you are offering at the end of the webinar.

How can you hint about them earlier on in the webinar?

For example, build it into your story, but don’t tell them how they can get it. More on that later…

Raise Your Energy Level, Raise The Number Of People That Stay To The End Of Your Webinar (and raise conversion to boot!)

One of the biggest strengths of putting on a webinar is sharing your enthusiasm and excitement for what you are selling!

Let it show.

You should be on camera in the corner.

One person who hired me didn’t want to be on camera. They just wanted to let the slides do the work.

Not only were they not on camera, they also just read about half the slides in a monotone voice like Ben Stein from Ferris Bullers Day Off.

How do you think stay-through and conversion was?

If you guessed not very good, you are correct!

Building rapport is crucial to high conversion rates, and its one of the biggest strengths of webinars.

You do this through being excited and letting people see you.

To get her over the fear of people seeing her, I had to shift her perspectives.

If you were thinking about spending $997 to $2997 with someone to solve your product, would you buy it from someone that didn’t show excitement or certainty about the product?

The key is that people naturally mirror others; epically people they see as authorities on a subject.

Your attendees are going to mirror you without noticing it.

If you are low energy and speaking in a steady slow voice, they are going to start to get bored and tired. They are going to look for other things to do…

… Facebook

… Their phone

… YouTube

So how do you stop this?!

The secret is to ramp it up…


The camera takes your natural energy down by 1 or 2 notches.

On a scale of 1 to 10, you are naturally at a 5. On camera, you will be at a 3.

What this means is, you have to show up at a 7 or above to get people REALLY EXCITED

I do this by remembering how many lives I have changed and thinking about all the positive experiences I helped people have. I pull up all the amazing positive states I can.

I raise my voice a bit.

I talk with my hands!

I do whatever it takes to get excited about what I am doing. (this is actually one of the biggest life skills that leads to a fulfilling, fun life, but that’s a story for another time 😁)

To restate this in simple terms…


and when they are excited, they will stay on your webinar longer and buy more from your webinar.

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