The 5 Keys That Lead To Webinar Conversion

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Steve Werner

Steve Werner

Keynote Speaker & Author | 170+ Monetization, Marketing, And Conversion Presentations Worldwide.

This post is going to cover the 5 keys that lead to webinar conversion.

What are the things that cause webinar conversion?

How do you create more buyers on your webinars?

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably been on a webinar in the last 6 months…

I should rephrase that…

… you have probably fallen asleep on a webinar in the last 6 months.

Truth is a lot of webinars are boring and have a problem with webinar conversion and sales.

How can someone buy when they don’t make it to the end?  How can you sell someone if you never get to make an offer?

We are going to cover the 5 things that are responsible for the conversion.

The first 3 have to do with making it more exciting and easy to consume…

…the last 2 have to do with tech stuff that causes conversion.

1. Stories that Sell (the 2nd biggest item that leads to webinar conversion)

If people are not staying on till you make the offer, this is the first place that I look.

A good presentation has at least 5 core stories and 15 supporting stories that grab the listener and pull them in.  This is key to show authority, build rapport, and entertain your viewers.

Most importantly though, Stories also line up and pre-frame the offer, having the viewer asking “how do I get that” before you ever make the offer. 

If your offer isn’t converting, there are 2 places I look.  1 is your stories to see if they create open loops getting people leaning in.

The 2nd is the offer construction itself, we will get to that a bit later.

2. Language Patterns and Presentation Skills (the biggest thing that leads to webinar conversion)

This is where using a template and fill in the blank deck fall short.  

While there are some good products out there, you SHOULD NEVER BE READING YOUR SLIDES.

In contrast, A great webinar that converts has a host that presents the knowledge in an approachable way that audiences love!

Does your presentation future pace your listener?

Similarly, will it get them picturing the results your product or service gets for them? 

Lastly, is your presentation fun and easy to listen to? Do you use Tone, Pacing, Texture, and Volume correctly?

It’s no secret that NLP works (just look at Tony Robbins or Brendan Bouchard)

When I work with somebody, I make sure these patterns are baked into your presentation.

I do several coaching sessions where I correct your presentation in real-time.

This makes sure you that you look your best and are giving the best presentation possible.

3. Overcoming Objections for Higher Webinar Conversions

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could overcome whatever stops people from buying BEFORE you ever made an offer

Well, you can

Firstly, can you name the top 5 objections your listener is feeling?

Secondly, do you know exactly in your presentation where the objections come up?

Last, and most importantly, do you have built-in ways to overcome them? 

This can be done in several different ways…

…and when done correctly, your audience will enjoy the process and lean in even more.

This is one of the key items that is missing from most webinars. 

When I work with you on your webinar, I make sure your presentation overcomes all their objections…

at the right time…

at the right place…

and in the right way…

4. How Your Offer Creates Webinar Conversions 

We have all seen the dreaded stack slide.  This is where most people leave the presentation and where most sales are lost. 

How do you keep them on? 

Better yet, how get them excited and leaning in?

You want to

1. Ask permission and get them to ask you to make the offer.

This is key so that they don’t feel pushed upon.  There are good ways and bad ways to do this, and we will go over them down the road when we can cover them more in-depth.

2. You want to get the 1st main offer up in front of them in under 3 minutes and get a “maybe” from your audience.

No matter what the offer is, when you make it, 10% will buy, 10% will never buy, and 80% will say “maybe”.  This is a good thing!

What this means is that it opens the door to get people moving from “maybe” to “Yes!”

3. Add value using emotions and logic to get them off the fence and into buying. 

So many people feel so awkward about making the offer that things fall apart here.  Most rush through it…

…almost everyone changes their body language and tone…

And few ever master it, which is where I come in.

When we work together, we wrap the core thing you are offering with everything they need and make it so they can’t turn away…

…and people actually enjoy buying from you.   

5. Funnel & Follow Up That lead to Webinar Conversion(how to make money and get webinar conversions outside of the live webinar itself)

Getting people to the webinar or presentation is the biggest way to move the needle. 

Most webinars right now have a 20% or lower show-up rate.

Logically, this has to do with the funnel, landing page, and reminder sequence.

In reality though, its about creating curiosity and getting people so excited that it breaks through the noise…

…and gets them to watch.

This is what I can help you focus on and grow.  If we get over 50% to show up…

more people will see what you have…

which means more people will see your offer…

and more people will buy.

From there, what do you do with the people that registered and didn’t show up? 

We have all heard that the fortune is in the follow-up, presentations are no different. 

Most people running webinars only use 1 or 2 of the 9 different tactics that bring in more than 50% of the total sales.

Here are the 9 different tactics. 

(We will go over them in more detail in a different article so that they get the attention they deserve 🙂 )

1. 8 step email sequence
2. Text
3. Voice mail drops
4. Phone call/ Zoom Meeting with a salesperson
5. Up-sells to a VIP program
6. Downsells to a cheaper program
7. Sideways sales to an affiliate offer (after the follow-up sequence)
8. Follow up question session
9. Facebook Group

This is the last piece of the puzzle I help with after we have the webinar up and running. 

We make sure your webinar covers all 9 of these areas so that you get the maximum results that lead to webinar conversion…

To sum this all up, there are a lot of things that lead to maximum conversion on your webinars.  

I hope this article helped you discover the 5 keys that lead to webinar conversion.

So many people I talk to are struggling to get their webinar done to the point that it makes solid income for them.  The thing is that its not a sprint, its a marathon.  It will take some time to get it all dialed in.

The good news is that once you start to master these pieces, you will have a amazing, fun, and powerful way that gets you building your sales very quickly.

If you want to learn more about these 5 conversion keys in-depth, you can grab my ebook and mini-course for free here: 

If you have a webinar, but it’s not converting the way you want, book your webinar audit here:

If you want to build a RockStar Webinar from scratch that will covert like wildfire, click here to book your free strategy call: post is going to cover the 5 keys that lead to webinar conversion.

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